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As the people of St Salvador’s, we see ourselves as having a ministry of presence in the Saughton/Stenhouse area.  Just as the spire of our building can be spotted from various angles above the roof tops of the surrounding houses – and even by passengers travelling by train to and from Glasgow- we too remain a sign and witness to the continuing presence of Christ.  While working to deepen our own spiritual life and to care for the pastoral needs of the congregation, our aim is also to reach our in a meaningful way to the local community and to make our building available for groups and activities.

Ready for a joyful Annunciation Festival today, with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Eucharist and a shared lunch. Great to welcome the Scottish Walsingham Pilgrimage Group and members of the Edinburgh Guild of Servers – and the sun shone for Our Lady! You can read Andrew’s address in the sermons section of this website.